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Justice Takes a Holiday

Dateline: Bangkok - Saturday Night of Songkran Festival

Let's start with the ugliest of pertinent facts: Two nights ago I was assaulted, by a mosquito or similar insect.  I am pretty sure it happened while I was sipping delicious rum-and-cokes and observing the playful Songkran waterfights, at a makeshift bar on a pleasant side street near Khao San Road.    Being a salty veteran of the Great Texas Bug Wars, I was prepared for this battle, suitably armored in my long pants and long socks, despite the heat.  But two factors were working against me:
1) Much of my upper body skin was exposed (see: Thailand - Climate, April), and
2) I was somewhat inebriated (see: Effects of Consumption - Alcoholic Beverages).

No doubt sensing my double vulnerability, an opportunistic blood sucker seized her chance. (Yes, it's always the females, having just mated, looking for that blood meal that brings forth the baby business).  I didn't notice the brutal vampiric attack in progress, but with…